XR-reality Unreal Engine and 10 colors

In December 2021, the Okko service, which is part of the Uber ecosystem, announced the novelties of the new season during a large-scale online presentation. The virtual stage for the production was developed by Okko teams, Sber AR/VR Lab, and SberMarketing agencies.

XR-reality, Unreal Engine and 10 colors
XR-reality, Unreal Engine, and 10 colors

Goals and objectives

In 2021, Okko turned ten years old. The pandemic prevented this event from being celebrated offline, so the company decided to combine the celebration of the anniversary and the presentation of the new season. We wanted to make the event bright and stand out against the background of standard displays. The event was also meant to emphasize Okko’s image as a modern company not afraid to experiment with the digital format.

The project’s target audience was representatives of the film industry, television, journalists, film critics, and partners and advertisers of the company. The online broadcast of the presentation was also available to all Okko users.


He also had to reveal two main newsbreaks: the company’s anniversary and the introduction of the new season.

The main part of the presentation was entrusted to Okko General Producer Dzhanik Fayziev. He introduced viewers to the service’s new line of original content: series, feature films, documentaries, animation, and sports broadcasts. The dynamics of the action were added with the help of guest celebrities: actors, producers, and media managers. And the “anniversary” component was beaten with the help of an interactive excursion into the history of Okko.

The presentation was filmed at the headquarters of Sberbank on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where the Uber AR/VR Lab has set up its XR studio.

The company’s developments based on the Unreal Engine game engine allow “gluing” the video stream from the cameras and the XR-graphics layer, broadcasting the overall picture in real-time. Thanks to the positional tracking system, images of real and virtual spaces are combined so seamlessly that it is almost impossible to see the difference with the naked eye.

In addition to the Sber AR/VR Lab, the teams of the service itself and the SberMarketing agency worked on presenting the new Okko season. Consolidation of forces made it possible to prepare the presentation “from and to” in less than three weeks.

The main action unfolded on the roof of a virtual skyscraper, from where a view of the city lights and billboards with movie posters opened.

During the presentation, virtual reality changed ten colors, each corresponding to its theme. So, the speech of the ex-general director of Okko Maxim Evdokimov was accompanied by the corporate dark blueberry color of the service. And when the vice-president of Sberbank, Vladislav Kreinin, entered the stage, they added Green to the blueberry. The combination of the two colors symbolized the unification of Okko and Sberbank.

For example, when Konstantin Ernst climbed onto the roof of a fictional skyscraper, the background turned sky blue. This color is well known to viewers of Channel One. And during the speech of the General Director of Soyuzmultfilm, Yuliana Slashcheva, the virtual world was made multi-colored, like the logo of an animation studio.

Media support

The number of messages in the media following the presentation was 44, with a media index of 778.1 and total coverage of 51.6 million views.

TASS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Lenta.ru, and Afisha Daily wrote about the presentation. 93% of publications were in the national media, and 5% – were in foreign publications.


The original augmented reality format, which is still rare on the Russian market, attracted the attention of journalists, TV, and film business representatives, and users of the service. More than 10,000 viewers watched the presentation of the new season on iOS, Android, Smart TV apps, and on the okko. Tv website.

Janik Fayziev, General Producer of Okko:

The design of the presentation of the new season fully reflects our dynamic and ambitious plans for 2022: partnership with the most prominent players in the media industry and our original projects for different audiences – all that will allow Okko to grow at a high pace.

Alexey Khramtsov, Head of Sber AR/VR Lab:

Our advantage is that we are not limited by location — a virtual production studio can be recreated at any location. And we are ready to work in the live broadcast mode. They duplicated the graphics output system to do this, and if there are problems with one, the signal will switch to another.

Karina Ivanova, head of the event department at SberMarketing:

The main task was to gather and involve the audience in the event, acquaint them with the plans and opportunities that Okko opens for partners, and get a high coverage for a B2B event based on the presentation results.

We were looking for a solution that, on the one hand, would distinguish the event from several online events and, on the other hand, would preserve the traditions of the format and be bright and meaningful.

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