Hutton Development and Endel Collaboration

Hutton Development and technology company Endel shared an innovative case for the Russian real estate market. For the developer’s new project, the Lunar complex, Endel has created a soundscape for the first time in Russia: a sound background has been introduced into the complex’s public spaces, which will help replenish the resource state productivity and well-being of residents. This is the first project in which the participants address the soundscape theme, presenting a visionary approach to the environment.

Hutton Development and Endel Collaboration
Hutton Development and Endel Collaboration

Lunar is a multifunctional complex for a modern dynamic person, a professional who chooses an active lifestyle. The project was developed by Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners and is in tune with the vision of the future, the idea of ​​creating the city, architecture, and lifestyle. As conceived by the architects, a unique space is formed in which everyday issues are thought out to the smallest detail, and a person has time for work, self-development, and recreation.

Valentina Davydik, Hutton Marketing Director:

The team needs to create ideal conditions for residents’ work, leisure, and life. The collaboration with Endel is a unique case where architecture, artificial intelligence, and music create an ideal work-life balance environment. The inspiration was AI Lullaby, an endless digital lullaby created by Canadian singer Grimes in collaboration with Endel. Creating a lullaby came to her after the birth of her son to entrepreneur Elon Musk.

A task

The developer faced a complex task. Firstly, it was required to interest the target audience: a new generation of businessmen, professionals in IT, architecture, and design, and students of leading universities. These are residents of the metropolis who value work-life balance, comfort, and efficient distribution of free time and monitor their resource status.

Thus, Hutton sought to offer future residents and guests a unique product that would allow them to enjoy their stay inside the complex and live in a format of meditative tranquility.

The main objective of the new Lunar project is to create not only a high-quality and innovative product for the development market but also to improve the quality of the external environment significantly.

Idea and goals of the project

The development market is actively developing: new residential complexes appear in the city center and more remote and quiet areas every year. One of their main goals of Hutton was the creation of a project that would combine science, development, urban development, and man, his ability to keep the emotional background in balance in a modern metropolis.

The developer’s analysis of the current needs of the target audience showed that the field of rugged landscape and sound ecology is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to this, the idea of ​​​​a project appeared – a collaboration with a company that specializes in creating human-centric soundscapes. Collaboration between Hutton and Endel simultaneously solved the tasks set for the developer.

Mission and values

The collaboration fully reflects the values ​​and visionary approach of the future Lunar residential complex — creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for living, working, and relaxing within the home and organic interaction between the environment and humans.

The public space environment in which the residents of the complex will be is essential for the creative search and harmonious state of everyone. Through a partnership with Endel, the new Lunar complex will be a place where residents can restore their resource status, improve well-being and increase productivity. Collaboration creates zones of comfort and tranquility among the surrounding chaos and tension.


Hutton and Endel designed the sound space for the new Lunar complex. Audio design is generated by an algorithm based on the data of the house, the state, and the tasks of residents and residents. Endel Pacific technology that reads data such as location, environment, and heart rate creates an optimal personalized soundscape. Endel Pacific reacts to changes momentarily and allows Endel to synchronize the user’s state with the circadian rhythm.

Collaboration promotion

Announced the collaboration at the international contemporary art fair Cosmoscow. The Hutton booth was dedicated to cooperation and became a showcase for innovative partnerships and a “sound oasis of the fair.”

Also, the Hutton space directly referred visitors to play because the Lunar complex is located in the Gagarinsky district, which got its name as a sign of the conquest of space by Yuri Gagarin.

The joint project between Hutton and Endel was also widely announced. Several reports were released in online and print publications, including GQ and Strelka Mag. With their help, the brand’s target audience got acquainted with the collaboration.

Publications in the media and social networks led to a twofold increase in organic traffic to the Lunar website in September compared to previous periods.

Multiple postings on social networks caused an increase in clicks to the LCD website by 3-4 times compared to the results of the previous four months.

Publications provided the primary growth in traffic from social networks on Facebook and Instagram — transitions from these sources showed an increase of 4-6 times compared to previous periods.

In addition to a significant increase in traffic to the Lunar project, Hutton itself has also benefited from the campaign.

Compared to four months before, Hutton’s leading site received 38% more organic traffic and 43% more social media clicks in September.

Speaking about social networks, after a comprehensive campaign, the Facebook audience was most interested in the developer’s activities – organic traffic from this social network increased by 490% compared to four months before.


The collaboration emphasized the visionary approach of Hutton and the competitive advantages of the Lunar complex and also made it possible to reach a comprehensive coverage of the target audience through a proposal that is radically new for the Russian development market.

As a result of PR placements and participation in the Cosmoscow exhibition, the project received 17 targeted leads in September and other channels.

In addition, the collaboration and its promotion allowed the developer and his project to significantly increase the growth of online traffic, increase brand awareness among the target audience – metropolitan residents who lead a dynamic lifestyle and attract new potential customers.

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