How to Promote a Brand in the Orthopedic Market: The Case of Media First and Orteki

A joint project with Media First helped increase Orteka’s brand metrics in Moscow and St. Petersburg by 10-15%. The orthopedic market has increased its volume by about 93 billion rubles, concerning the latest information. Despite intensive development, the market is characterized by low advertising and communication activity among brands. Ortega and Media First Russia (part of the TWIGA Communication Group ) overcame this barrier and shared the project results.

How to Promote a Brand in the Orthopedic Market
How to Promote a Brand in the Orthopedic Market


Communication tasks are building knowledge about the brand, forming positive associations of the brand with an active lifestyle, and, in addition, strengthening the correct brand name in the minds of consumers.

Media First proposed a strategic approach to brand promotion in the media space for a year with stages by flight. The face of the advertising campaign was the actor Gosha Kutsenko, who acted as the family orthopedist “Ortega”. The main slogan used in all materials: “It’s good that there is Ortega.


The campaign included broadcasting commercials on 13 TV channels, OLV, targeted media advertising, SMM, and outdoor advertising in Moscow and St. Petersburg. On TV, commercials with a timing of 15 seconds. And 10 sec.

in the format of placement in regional advertising blocks. During the advertising campaign in Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 75% of the target audience aged covered 25-55. On average, each person from the covered audience saw the commercial at least 13 times.

In outdoor advertising, a targeted program was selected: 6×3 billboards placed as close as possible to the addresses of the Orteka salons.

The advertising campaign on Youtube complemented the coverage of TV advertising, using videos in a single creative frame with Gosha Kutsenko. Targeted media advertising covered a broad audience through product communication of critical categories: orthopedic shoes and compression stockings.

The media campaign and SMM, in addition to the critical slogan, also included a call to action with information about products and promotions active in the stores at the time of the advertising campaign. Also, the digital media campaign contributed to delayed conversions for online purchases.


In April 2021, the Anketologist Institute of Public Opinion conducted the first stage of a study to assess brand awareness of Ortega and the second stage in June of the same year, when Ortega and Media First had already launched a campaign and rotated commercials broadcasting USP and critical message of the brand.

The sample design was as follows: a total of 1,200 respondents in an equal proportion in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the proportion of women is more than 60%, 35% of the respondents belong to the age group from 31 to 40 years and 25% – from 41 to 50 years. Monthly income per family member from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles.

The Anketologist assessed the following brand metrics:

  • level of fame (top of mind);
  • loyalty level (NPS);
  • level of knowledge of advertising.

The growth in terms of TOM in the second wave was observed in both regions. However, in St. Petersburg, during the first two months of the image campaign, it increased by almost 10%.

The value of the NPS index, according to the study, has grown in Moscow by 10 points due to an increase in the number of “supporters” of “Orteka” and a reduction in “neutrals”. While in St. Petersburg, the figure remained unchanged.

Ad awareness increased by almost 15% in both regions. Top 3 channels where advertising was noticeable – search engines, TV, points of sale.
Tamara Egorova, Executive Director of “Nikamed” (manages “Orteka” – Orthopedic salons’ professional network):

People come to the orthosalon not only in those cases when something hurts and is already disturbing. Thanks to the collaboration with Media First, we managed to create the right brand image.

Alena Bylbas, General Director of Media First

Creative solves certain issues with the brand’s memorability, with sympathy for it, especially with the participation of celebrities like Gosha Kutsenko, as in commercials for Orteka. We do not have exact data, but the experience of this campaign indicates a serious impact of creativity on brand perception.

Vasily Zhavoronkov, Head of the Research Department of “Anketologist” – Institute of Public Opinion.

A study of brand recognition in the market of orthopedic salons showed that Orteka occupies a leading position in this segment in terms of spontaneous and induced knowledge. So, during the second wave of the study, the level of brand awareness in Moscow was 79.2%, and in St. Petersburg – 74.5%.

At the same time, it is Orteka that, in most cases, is considered the brand of the first order of purchase, which is indirectly confirmed by the loyalty of the audience to the company.

In continuation of the activation, Nikita Replyansky created ten more of the same virtual toys to present at a digital auction organized to collect donations to the Podari Zhizn charity fund Chulpan Khamatova. The toys sold out in 26 minutes, sparking a flurry of positive media and social media coverage! Of course, the campaign had a positive impact on Adidas’s business performance.

Gamers are no longer just an “interest” or “segment” but a global community with thousands of different groups with different interests, perceptions, and favorite ways to play. We believe that we can not only buy targeting media formats but also integrate the brand into the channel itself to bring new experiences to consumers and new ways of communicating with customers.

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