How to Move from an Online Event to a Virtual City of Dreams

As part of the EasyPark Group project, the venues team created a virtual Dream City. Moving around different zones, it was possible to attend training sessions, get acquainted with colleagues from other offices in the “business cafe,” and even sing karaoke, do yoga, and meditate.

And the virtual event ended with local parties on the theme “Future,” which took place in each EasyPark Group office in more than 25 countries. Anastasia Lodi, Director of Business Development in Russia and the CIS at venues, spoke about all project stages.

How to Move from an Online Event to a Virtual City of Dreams
How to Move from an Online Event to a Virtual City of Dreams

We were approached by the global company Easy Park Group with the task of hosting a large-scale hybrid event for participants from all over the world on the venue’s platform. The company had several big reasons at once:

  • 20th anniversary;
  • acquisition of new companies that became part of the Easy Park Group;
  • global access to a number of new countries – from Australia to New Zealand.

The event aims to unite participants from different continents, introduce each other, and create a feeling of a single team with shared values ​​and principles.

Easy Park Group is a technology company that introduces innovative technologies into the parking process, making urban life comfortable and easy. Therefore, the City of Our Dreams was chosen as the concept of the event. The idea was based on futurism, the concept of ​​a city of the future without borders, the visual style of which was adjusted to the client’s key visuals.

As a rule, we cooperate with professional event agencies that have already tried their hand at implementing online events. And now, they are interested in creating excellent virtual and hybrid communication, a realistic and interactive environment in which participants are immersed and can interact with it. An event agency needs to give the final customer a result that could surprise and exceed his expectations.

The city map had three key zones. I will tell you about the activities that could be visited throughout the event in each of them.

1. Party is a place to relax, have fun, and recharge.

Here, guests could meditate or practice yoga with instructional videos that were pre-loaded into the system.

Also, as entertainment, the “reel life karaoke taxi” was invented. Entering there, people found themselves in a room where a live musical group performed songs ordered by the audience. The interaction was interactive – guests could sing along right through the screen, which was displayed in a picture shared with the group.

Of the activities in this zone, there were contests with prizes for the speed of responses and knowledge of corporate history. Participants could win corporate merch: hoodies, caps, and backpacks.

2. City

A zone with key information about the company, its mission, achievements, and new challenges, as well as a business cafe.

The Walk of Fame for the company’s international employees was created in the City zone.
It was a wholly independent project within the event: colleagues from different countries had the opportunity to get acquainted with all the applicants and their achievements in the nomination zone and vote for them before the broadcast.

The event participants determined the winners, and this is what attracted the audience long before the start of all broadcasts. After the announcement of the winners, a new room was opened – the Walk of Fame, with portraits and history of the winners’ achievements.

It was also possible to win prizes here, but already on a business theme – certificates for advanced training or educational courses.

For networking in the City zone, interactive group chats, “Business Cafe” was organized with a random hit of participants from different countries, where they could communicate on various business topics. This chat was made in the speed dating format for groups of 2-3 people, with a time limit of three minutes, which made it possible to introduce the participants to each other quickly.

3. Park is an educational and communication platform.

The Park area had a variety of broadcast venues. The zone included the main stage, separate rooms for conferences and communication with speakers, open microphones, spaces for group discussions, and creative jam sessions for personal and team interaction.

Group communication zones (fireside talks) are zones divided into informal but moderated groups on various topics. People from different countries gathered and got acquainted there, talking about issues set by the central office. The moderator helped to promote such discussions, and the result was a fascinating dialogue of colleagues and partners from all over the world.

Project in numbers

  • 1 thousand registered participants;
  • 925 joined the group discussions;
  • 546 visited karaoke;
  • 523 took part in the voting of nominees;
  • 471 participated in group discussions Sharing is caring;
  • 240 downloaded a presentation about the company’s strategy;
  • 187 asked direct questions to the speakers.

Feedback from the client

According to the EasyPark Group team, the ONE virtual event was incredible. The participants had their own virtual “City of Dreams,” created specifically for this project. It had everything from inspiring educational sessions, creative spaces, and fun activities like games and karaoke to live music from the main stage. The company managed to unite all employees from the USA to Australia.

At each of the EasyPark Group offices, the event ended with virtual local parties on the theme of “Future,” It seemed that everyone was delighted to connect after a long separation. You can see the platform in action and learn about its functionality by joining the live demo this week.

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