Development of a Mobile Application for a Business Exhibition

What does a visitor of a significant international business exhibition need? Of course, to reduce the quality and quantity of business contacts to the maximum. The quality of connections directly depends on the participant’s skills, and the organizer can take care of the rest:

  • Give him access to all the necessary information.
  • Quickly orientate him on the ground.
  • Allow him to arrange a meeting with other participants and exhibitors in advance.
Development of a Mobile Application for a Business Exhibition
Development of a Mobile Application for a Business Exhibition

The INNOPROM exhibition organizers decided to give their clients a gift in the form of a mobile application: a comfortable electronic business environment for efficient work at the INNOPROM 2019 exhibition. The PICONSULT Digital agency developed the application.

General information

Platforms: iOS, Android

Development languages:

  • For iOS – Swift, and Objective-C
  • For Android – Android studio, Java and Kotlin

Development time: 3 months

The purpose of the development: is to improve the target activity of INNOPROM exhibitors and create a platform for evaluating the performance indicators of the event.

User integration

Registration of users-visitors of the exhibition takes place on the site, and in the application, users are already authorized. After registration, the user is prompted to install a mobile application for more productive work within the framework of the event.

Design and interface

The application interface is made in the form of icons, lists, sorting elements, and text fields. The exhibitor can use the application online and offline and be authorized and unauthorized. Depending on this, the set of functions and menu items will differ.

I chose The Design to be contrasting: a dark background and white text. Key elements are highlighted with brighter markers (red, green, and others from those that are present in the customer’s brand book).

Menu and functionality

Everything is implemented as simply as possible, taking into account all current trends in UX / UI. The user can quickly navigate to the main functionality, and the organizers, in turn, receive enough data to evaluate various performance indicators.

There is everything you need for fruitful work at the exhibition: a general list of participants with variable filtering and search, an exhibition map with marked zones/sectors, and exhibitor cards.

Members. The application section is divided into “Sponsors” and “Exhibitors.” Each company has a brief description (website, phone, e-mail, and products presented within the exhibition framework) and an indication of the location within the show’s framework (pavilion and stand).

The company’s products are also highlighted in separate cards. This section implements the function of featuring participants and exhibitors: when registering, the user indicates his affiliation with a particular industry, and after authorization in the application, he will receive a list of the most relevant and potentially exciting exhibitors and exhibitors for him.

Business program. This tab shows a list of events such as conferences, seminars, and others in an exhibition. The user can add an event to favorites to receive further notifications. You can View This Section offline.

Favorites. This tab includes participants and exhibition events, which the user has marked for himself with a corresponding marker.

News. This section contains up-to-date information that is updated during the exhibition including photos, videos, memes, stunning happenings, etc.

Exhibition layout. One of the critical sections of the application. It has several levels:

  • The general plan of the exhibition
  • The goal of the pavilion
  • The transition to the card of a particular exhibitor

The user can also find the desired exhibitor using the search. You can View This Section offline.

Messages and Meetings (Interactive Matchmaking system). This is the most important social element of the application. The user can continue to make an appointment with exhibitors of interest to him and continue communication in the future without leaving the mobile application itself.

As an additional paid option, the user can order the services of a personal manager who, during the exhibition, organizes at least ten meetings for his client over the three days of the show.

The user will be offered a list of 30-50 companies with the most relevant profile from the INNOPROM member database. The manager will make appointments, book meeting rooms, compile and update the online calendar, and provide a report on the event results.

Combined with the mobile application’s functionality, this service becomes more valuable for the participant of the event, as he can manage the entire process from his smartphone.

Feedback. Here is the schedule of the insert, as well as all the necessary contacts for communication, including a hotline for questions about the operation of the application.

My ticket. In the application, a separate menu item is the participant’s unique identifier. Thus, the organizers save themselves from some negative consequences at the entrance and motivate participants to install and work with a new tool.

According to the project team, using this mobile application, the user concentrates his attention on the exhibition and tries to maximize his activity. At the same time, the organizers receive positive feedback from the exhibitors and the visitors and data to improve the quality of their work.

There are some other valuable features expected to be built into the mobile exhibition app as well, e.g., Agenda, Lecturers, My Planner, Reminders, Reservations, Multilinguality, Profiles, Chatting, Matchmaking, Voting Responses, Wall of Ideas, Ask Questions, Ranking, Push Messages, News Articles, Gallery, Documents & Files, Quizzes, Twitter Wall, Gamification, Scanner, Virtual Attendance, Live Streaming & Video On Demand, Meeting & Video Conferencing, Main Page, Menus, Custom Pages, Importing Data, Colors, Data Protection, Personal Data, IT Security, Notes, Points of Interests, Lead Scanner, Weather and Appointment Scheduling.

The mobile application for exhibitors used in business exhibitions is designed so that anyone can use it easily and quickly. The user will have access to all features instantly shown on the front screen of the mobile exhibition app.

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