Autoinformer – A Way to Increase Efficiency of Calls

Autoinformer is a service of automatic calls to customers’ phones. Put – “voice mailing.” This development has been used for a long time and mainly to reduce staff costs and increase work speed. The volume of communications made by robot operators has increased by more than 8.5 times since 2019, and it is expected to exceed 232 million minutes per year in 2022.

Autoinformer – A Way to Increase Efficiency of Calls
Autoinformer – A Way to Increase Efficiency of Calls

This growth is primarily due to increased user confidence and the expansion of the practice of using voice operators. The cases of using auto informers are very diverse. However, not always a call with an automatic message that causes positive emotions.

Most often, negativity occurs when they call at an inconvenient time or there is no helpful information in the message. In this case, an opposite reaction can be to an expected call. In the rhythm of modern life, it is much more convenient to listen to a formulated message with detailed information on your order and at the same time not waste time and effort on communication with the operator or courier. Imagine a courier has to bring a package to you; you are waiting for him and want to plan your day. In this case, the message from the auto informer with the time of the courier’s visit will be beneficial and will not cause negativity.

Especially if the news offers the option of choosing a convenient time to receive the package – in this case, the technology is called “smart auto informer.” First of all, the use of an auto informer must be justified and must justify the use of an auto informer. There is no need to arrange a spam attack on customers with calls from a robot; it is much better to put an auto informer on an expected call with a notification and a choice of further steps.

Benefits of using an auto informer

First of all, it is a financial benefit. Companies spend decent amounts on the maintenance and payment of call centers, which makes cold calls extremely expensive. With an auto informer, this issue is resolved faster and more efficiently. The second reason a business uses an auto-informer is for organizational benefit.

With the help of this technology, it is much faster to reach a broad audience and analyze the effectiveness of calls and the quality and usefulness of information for customers. Call centers already receive “warm” contacts with the auto informer, and this is the third argument in favor of the robot.

Call center employees and support service operators receive fewer negative comments and emotional hang-ups from the auto informer when calling. Since technology seriously reduces the percentage of irrelevant calls, only the person interested in receiving information remains on the other end of the line. But in addition to the positive aspects, the technology has some limitations when its use can harm the business and annoy subscribers. It is necessary to consider these recommendations when connecting an auto informer.

When an auto informer can harm

We have analyzed a large flow of messages and customer requests to connect the service and have developed recommendations to allow companies to avoid the harmful use of this technology.

Spam calls

According to last year’s NAFI survey for May-June 2021, 89% of Russians received spam calls. Moscow and St. Petersburg register unwanted calls more often than residents of other cities; 92% of respondents from the two capitals encountered them. The highest rate among the regions is in the Central and Far Eastern Federal Districts, where up to 93% of residents face annoying calls.

At the same time, more than half of the respondents said that they experience serious inconvenience when receiving such a call and even severe irritation. It is worth considering that the time of the call should be limited, the goal should be concise, and the narrator should be captivating.

The subscriber should immediately understand why the robot calls him and whether he needs this information. We have analyzed a large flow of messages and customer requests to connect the service and have developed recommendations to allow companies to avoid the harmful use of this technology.

Wrong time

Most likely, the client will not be happy if the auto informer gets to him early in the morning, late in the evening, during working hours, or on holidays. If there’s a force majeure event, it’s another thing if you’re in a hurry to announce a new product.

Call frequency

Another problem is too intrusive calls from robots. The client cannot answer, as he is at an important meeting. He hangs up, but the answering machine keeps ringing again and again. A person may block the number at such times and not know what you want to tell him. It is essential to consider the time intervals of calls and regulate them.

Scenarios with maximum efficiency and profit

If a business wants to reduce the cost of cold calls, it is necessary to calculate scenarios when connecting an auto informer will be as effective and essential as possible. The reasons may be different, but most often and correctly, the technology is used in the following cases.

Client support

First of all, an auto informer can follow up on an already existing customer base and not on promotional calls and spam. For example, this is a permanent loyal customer of the company – using automatic information, you can invite the client to an open day or a tasting, offer free access to some company services, or remind you of sale dates. In this case, an automatic notification will be handy and appropriate.

The delicacy of the topic

You don’t want to share topics for conversation even with loved ones, let alone with a stranger. Such issues include any informational messages from medical centers, clinics, beauty parlors, or laboratories where you can take tests.

In this case, the auto informer will impersonally and strictly according to the instructions inform about the analysis readiness or appointment with the doctor. In this case, you do not need to explain the essence of your appeal to the operator on the line and give your last name, first name, or age.

Technology allows you to take care of the client and not put him in an uncomfortable position. This saves a lot of time and nerves because you no longer have to update your account on the State Services or the website of a medical organization, wondering if the result has come or not.

At the same time, the system processes the data so that third parties will not know about your results. If you have questions, you can contact the doctor directly, without discussing the sensitive topic with the administrator.

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