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A new Reality of the Digital Market

Interactive advertising is the basis of effective communication. Business adaptation to the new reality affects the transformation of digital inventory. What tools and strategies increase the adaptability of the advertising market? Getintent CEO Nadezhda Marueva, head of SberMarketing agency Anna Vetrinskaya, commercial director of Hyper AdTech Armen Hayrapetyan, took part in a blitz survey.

A new Reality of the Digital Market
A New Reality of the Digital Market

Current O2O Marketing Solutions

In 2019, experts said that O2O marketing is only at the beginning of its development in Russia. What changes have taken place now?

Nadezhda Marueva, CEO of Getintent

Advertisers are interested in O2O marketing, and it does not weaken. The market continues to develop solutions to meet this request. In our opinion, this is why it is necessary to use sales lift to evaluate the campaign results when testing new approaches.

The Gazprom-Media holding has O2O solutions based on data on trips in public transport, telecom data, and transactional ones, including OFD. Today, they allow us to solve customer problems effectively, and shortly, these solutions will be available in DSP Getintent.

Anna Vetrinskaya, head of SberMarketing agency

O2O marketing is not yet at its peak in terms of brand opportunities, but the industry has come a long way over the past two years. So, last year, SberMarketing implemented several projects for Domclick, which used anonymized data from offline Wi-Fi traps to target DOOH and further communicate with the audience online.

This made it possible to bring new users to Domclick who were interested in buying housing in specific city areas. For SberMarketing, O2O tools are essential since most of our clients work in segments where online and offline are inseparable in terms of customer experience.

Armen Hayrapetyan, Commercial Director of Hyper AdTech

We can say that O2O marketing is actively developing in Russia, and at the moment, various technological marketing solutions connect online and offline. The development of the data market has influenced the popularity of such communication tools and approaches to studying consumer activity. This direction is a system of marketing tools aimed at solving the business problems of advertisers.

It is important to understand that the goal of O2O marketing is not only to attract a flow of customers through online communication but also to effectively use the results of the impact of such a tool. Of course, the active development of O2O marketing is associated with the need for brands to evaluate the effects of communication in the digital environment and improve the effectiveness of digital strategies in general.

The future of the data-driven approach

The market has long been eyeing data-driven marketing. On the other hand, there is an ongoing discussion in the industry about finding reliable sources of information. Can we say that this strategy is helpful for business?

Anna Vetrinskaya, head of SberMarketing agency

For every CMO, the reliability of data sources is a matter of strategic importance. The more complete and accurate the data, the higher the MROI and the more effective any advertising initiatives. In the current realities, applying data-driven marketing is not just a helpful strategy but a necessary one. But, of course, the quality of the data used by the company or agency plays a fundamental role in this.

The brand itself collects the most accurate data, but it is not enough to solve the full range of marketing tasks. SberMarketing helps clients collect all the necessary data, for which it uses its tools and cooperates with a variety of partners, from telecom companies to fiscal data operators. In addition to the quality of the data, data processing, and analysis methods are also important.

Armen Hayrapetyan, Commercial Director of Hyper AdTech

From the side of the technological platform, we note that, in addition to ensuring the reliability of audience data sources, it is important to have tools for analyzing data on the features of user interaction with advertising creatives and other actions.

As part of the Hyper AdTech platform, predictive algorithms based on machine learning are implemented. They are examples of a technological solution that allows you to analyze user actions and apply the result when conducting advertising campaigns. Predictive algorithms are based on big data from thousands of advertising campaigns and are constantly trained by receiving new data.

Thanks to such a tool, there is a unique opportunity to understand the audience in a mobile environment better and optimize advertisers’ costs.

Today, reliable data is the key to effective communication with the consumer. Analyzing data and then implementing the results into an advertising strategy ensures that businesses achieve key targets.

Features of cookieless reality

How will the cancellation of cookies affect the digital ecosystem? What industrial scenarios are close to you? How does your company plan to adapt to the coming changes?

What tools will your company take with you into 2022? What trends will remain in demand?

Nadezhda Marueva, CEO of Getintent

We at Getintent see an increasing demand for self-service placement campaigns. Our team has already started designing an improved version of the interface to make working with our platform even more convenient. We are working on the optimal client path, convenient navigation, and new functions in the personal account interface.

The trend towards cooperation will continue. Collaboration options are becoming more diverse as partners, customers, and suppliers are combined. This allows us to create more effective collaborations, flexibility, and faster response to market demands.

From the point of view of a technical solution for this, we provide the ability to use the API from the client-side and the flexibility of integrations from the partner side.
The role of 1st party data will continue to grow, and in response to this trend, Getintent is also preparing a solution.

Armen Hayrapetyan, Commercial Director of Hyper AdTech

Hyper AdTech is focused on mobile inventory, and all of our platform’s technological solutions are implemented to ensure the quality and effectiveness of advertising inventory. In 2022, we will continue to develop machine learning algorithms in various directions, strengthen our work with data, and develop tools for creating modern interactive ad formats.

Among the trends in mobile advertising, we would highlight the following—first, interactive formats in In-App. In the Russian market, interactive structures in the mobile environment are still gaining momentum compared to the foreign market. Thanks to the trend towards personalization and conscious ad consumption, this format has the advantage of using the functions of a mobile device, which ensures a high level of user engagement and retention.

Secondly, the trends include user identification technologies. In response to the restrictions imposed by global players regarding the privacy of users in the digital environment, various solutions related to audience identification technology will be developed.

Thirdly, we note advertising integrations into gaming applications. This is an excellent example of how advertising can be interesting for users and profitable for advertisers, given the native-ness of this format and non-standard approach.

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